Player of the Year Awards

Over the past 5 seasons, Hoop Dreams basketball players have earned the 5A SIC player of the year award all but one time for Treasure Valley basketball. In addition, several other players have earned the same award in many of the lower classifications. This award is voted on by the league’s high school coaches providing another example of how Hoop Dreams player development is second-to-none.

Year Classification Boys Girls
 2017 5A Kobe Terashima  Tori Williams
2017 4A Max Rice Lydia Nieto
2017 1A Jaxon Hughes
 2016 5A Rylan Bergersen  Destiny Slocum
2016 2A Nick Fitts  —
2016 1A Travis Yenor
 2015 5A  —  Destiny Slocum
2015 1A Travis Yenor
 2014 5A Sam Simpson  Megan Hochstein
 2013 5A Isaiah Wright  Destiny Slocum

* Please note that this list is incomplete. 

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