Lil’ Dreamers Registration Now Open

If you are looking to sign up for our little dreamers or need more information, please click below.

What is Lil Dreamers?

Lil’ Dreamers is the best program to give your kids a foundation for their basketball journey! Starting from the bottom up, each young player will learn the necessary skills to start their development process into a future GREAT basketball player.

Lil’ Dreamers is open to boys and girls, grades K – 4. Camp runs twice a week, the first practice on a weeknight and the second on Saturday. The first session will run November and December. The second session is January and February.

Lil’ Dreamers focuses on two sets of skills. First, kids will start to develop their individual game such as ball handling, shooting, and passing, all of these using both hands. And second, players will be introduced to team concepts such as floor spacing, moving without the ball, and team man to man defense. This is all accomplished through drills and games. You will not find a better introduction into kids basketball.

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