Hoop Dreams Teams Give Back

We often highlight our athletes and their successes over their playing career, including club ball, high school, and in college. However, at some point, every basketball players’ career comes to an end. It is our intention that we are teaching more than just basketball to our players. We want them to look beyond themselves and to unselfishly give back without expecting anything in return. Here’s a look at what our teams have been a part of so far. This is something to be celebrated.

  • 3rd grade boys, 4th grade girls, and 5th grade boys helping out with Rake Up Boise
  • 5th grade girls making blankets for the homeless
  • 7th grade girls donating food and hygiene items to City Light Women’s and Children’s Shelter
  • 7th grade boys working at one of the Idaho Youth Ranch’s thrift stores
  •  8th grade boys and girls clearing trees at the Idaho Youth Ranch’s Hands of Promise

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