How long is the Hoop Dreams season?

Our youth girls’ teams begin in October and end early Spring. The youth boys’ team start the beginning of November and end late Spring. These start and end dates vary slightly on the team and grade level.

How often do teams practice?

All teams practice will be practicing three times during the week.

How many games will each team play?

Our teams typically play in one or two tournaments per month.

How is playing time determined?

We believe that all players should have an opportunity to play in a game. However, playing time is not equal and coaches will play those players that give their teams the best opportunity to win.

When are tryouts?

Tryouts are typically mid-August on a Saturday and a following make-up tryout during the week following.

What happens if I missed tryouts.

Hoop Dreams invites interested players in for a practice to serve as a tryout. Please contact us if you think Hoop Dreams might be a good fit for your son or daughter.

How much does it cost to play with Hoop Dreams?

Monthly dues are $125. Players are also responsible for their own uniforms and a share of tournament expenses.

Do I have to live in Boise or Meridian to play?

No, although a majority of our players live in Boise or Meridian, our teams are open to anyone that is willing to make the commitment. We have had players from Mt. Home to La Grande, OR.