History of Hoop Dreams Basketball

The Hoop Dreams Basketball Club began in 2002 with the “Roberto Bergersen’s Basketball Camp”. This was a single camp held in the summer of 2002. In the following years, more camps were added and in 2005 the Club emerged with a traveling basketball team of 4th and 5th grade boys. Coach Ed Boyce volunteered his time coaching these young boys in pursuit of becoming better basketball players, developing an understanding of basketball, and preparing them for the next level of basketball.

Since then, we have expanded to several traveling teams, including our girls division and our Lil’ Dreamers program. What began as the “Roberto Bergersen’s Hoop Dreams Basketball Camp”, has grown into the following basketball opportunities listed below.

  • Roberto Bergersen’s Hoop Dreams Basketball Camp 2002
  • Premier Hoop Dreams Basketball Camps 2004
  • Hoop Dreams Shooting Academies (Summer/Fall) 2004
  • Premier traveling teams 2006
  • Lil’ Dreamers Program 2008
  • Idaho’s largest Youth Basketball Club
  • Emphasis on Player Development
  • Provides Youth Basketball Opportunities Year Round
  • Serves over 400 kids annually!